11 Mar 2020
March 11, 2020

South Hampton Homeowners


ūüĆīSouth Hampton HomeownersūüĆī

     President Tom Leonti
     Vice President Chuck Campagna
     Treasurer Robert Jones
     Secretary Jerry Noel
     Director Hank Cigolle 

Vice President & Secretary is a 1 year term (2021 – 2022)
President, Treasurer & Director is a 2 year term (2021 – 2023)


Dear Owners,

Please see the attached information from the EOC of Horry County for the upcoming winter weather event we expect in our area beginning on Friday.   We would encourage all owners to take this seriously and begin preparations.  It is our understanding that that the Department of Transportation (DOT) may be short on supplies and equipment and therefore all roads may not get de-iced.  We encourage you to plan accordingly and get things together such as:  flashlights, medicines, chargers for your devices, etc.  Every family should have an emergency plan regardless of living in a single-family home, condo or high-rise. 

Roadways, sidewalks, open corridors and other common areas should be avoided if possible.  We ask that you take this seriously and keep in tune with the developments throughout the next several days through your local authorities and news broadcasts.  Thankfully, we do not have events like this often along the Grand Strand. 

Our office will be closed on Friday, January 21st, to help keep our employees’ safety in mind along with the emergency personnel that are assisting with this event.

Thank you,

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See Photos of the New Year’s Get Together

Four of a Kind Building Managers
     Michael Chaffin (Owner of Four of a Kind)
     Shawn Amos (On Site)

Empress Management (Building Questions or Maintenance Issues)
     Michelle Taylor 843-443-4003
     Fax 843-444-4055

     Doug Millar 843-448-9000 dmillar@litustolet.com

Kingston Communication 843-497-1200
Kingston Communication Tech 843-497-2499
Health Club 843-497-2444
Resort Security Shack 843-497-3200

Myrtle Beach News
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Lane Pest Control  (843-238-9995)

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