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    Beautiful Sunrise

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    Oceanfront Views

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    Oceanfront South Hampton

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South Hampton

<strong>South Hampton<strong>

The South Hampton is located in the five star gated resort in the Kingston Plantation, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The South Hampton building is next to the Embassy Suites Hotel with a connecting walkway.  

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Kingston Plantation

<strong>Kingston Plantation<strong>

The Kingston Plantation Resort is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and is in a class of itself when it comes to oceanfront resorts.  The gated resort offers 24/7roaming security throughout the 145 acres.

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Myrtle Beach

<strong>Myrtle Beach<strong>

Myrtle Beach in located in Horry County, South Carolina, with a population of 22,759. It hosts over 13 million visitors every year for its entertainment, shopping, dining, attractions, sports teams and activities.

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Dining/Bar Recommendations

<strong>Dining/Bar Recommendations<strong>

South Hampton homeowners have a list of dining/bar option they have recommended.  Please see the list and if you have other suggestions, send me an email. 

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Golf Courses

<strong>Golf Courses<strong>

Myrtle Beach Golf Courses are known to be some of the best courses in the country. There’s more to Myrtle Beach then shopping and beaches.  If you’re a golfer, you come to the right destination.  Arcadian Golf Course is across the street from the Kingston Plantation Resort and mini golf is on every corner.

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Myrtle Beach Shopping is on every corner along the Grand Strand. There is every type of shopping from small little boutiques, flea markets, bargain stores to outlets and mall shopping. The souvenir stores offer t-shirts, beach accessories, clothes and don’t forget the ice cream and fudge shops.

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Read South Hampton, Kingston Plantation and Myrtle Beach News. The South Hampton is on its way to updated improvements and the resort is constantly changing.  Myrtle Beach is growing year to year with new dining, entertainment and attraction. There are new dining options opening every year.

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This page is dedicated to the South Hampton Homeowners of the Kingston Plantation Resort.  We have collected suggestions for contractors, dining and share the latest news about the South Hampton and Kingston Resort.  Check back for weekly updates.

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