South Hampton Building Maintenance Updates

How to Create a Preventative Building Maintenance Plan – JoeCleansThe board has been working hard since taking over our maintenance staff.  See photos of some of the recent maintenance work that is being done that you may not have notice.


The HOA occupied 3 of the 14 storage units.   Two of the three units were cleaned out and released for homeowners to rent.   There are 14 storage units approximately 7’x12′ in our building on every floor except for the first floor, and no 13th floor.  The HOA now has 1, Embassy rents 3 and  homeowners rent 10.  The rental amount has been $600.00 a year from the beginning.  The board raised the amount to $1,000.00 a year  with comparable storage units by Walmart that rent for $1,700.00 a year  This took our revenue  from $6,000 to $13,000.00 per year.  Four of a Kind cleaned out the two lockers and has consolidated all the building’s maintenance supplies, paint, light bulbs, filters etc in the large room in the garage by the contractor’s carts instead of scattered in different areas throughout our building.  This will make it easy to keep track of our inventory.


Old light switches in the storage units are being replaced with new automatic on/off switches.


The new automatic switches will help save on electric. There were lights left on 24/7 in the storage units. This will eliminate the lights being left on when not in use.


The maintenance office has been cleaned out and organized. The staff will post their hourly, daily, weekly and monthly duties.


The air condensation hose that used to be exposed by the compactor room has been fixed and removed along with the rug that laid over it.  Four of a Kind rerouted the drain hose so it would not drain on the garage floor.  The compactor room has been cleaned out and painted. The room will now be sanitized 3 times a week.  The odor coming out of that room a few months ago was caused by a cup that fell into the drain blocking it up.  A grate was added under the dumpster to keep debris from falling into the drain and the odor is gone.


Just a note on how we, as owners, can help with the maintenance and appearance of our building.

Please clean up debris left outside your units into the hallways and elevators from remodeling.  Contractors also need to clean up after they work before leaving the building Contractors are not to leave trash or construction materials in the dumpsters, they are to take it with them.  No old/broke furniture is to be left outside the dumpsters by homeowners or contractors.

Please DO NOT put anything in the trash chutes that will block the chute and inform your guests, renters and contractors.  Someone in January 2022 cut up a bed frame and put it in the trash chute.  This broke the compactor and had to be sent out for about a week for repairs.  This left the maintenance staff to empty the dumpster that replaced the compactor multiple times a day.  Four of a Kind hauled away many dumpsters for us until the compactor was fixed and returned at no cost to homeowners.