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Posted: October 4, 2019
New Building Colors
Our building has the scaffolding up for our exterior makeover.  The project will start October 14 on the 01, 03 & 05 towers.  The photo to the left shows the new colors for the building, railings and balcony.  The colors are similar to the North Hampton.  This will bring a clean updated change to our building.  See the September newsletter from Stephanie for more info.
South Hampton Breeze News LetterPosted: August 4, 2019
Reset Unit Thermostats From
Water Tower Pressure
If there are pressure issues with the water tower for the A/C units it could cause the A/C system in your unit to trip and need to be reset in order to work properly.


STEP 1: Locate the electrical breaker box in your unit. It could be located in different places. Examples are; behind the master bedroom door, behind the guest bedroom door and/or inside the laundry room.

STEP 2: Locate the circuit breaker that says HVAC or AC UNIT and turn it off. Please do not turn off any other circuit breakers.

STEP 3: Wait 2 minutes and then turn the circuit breaker back on.PLEASE NOTE that it may take up to 5 minutes for your system to start after being reset. If after 5 minutes your system has not begun cooling your unit, you may repeat steps 2 and 3. This may need to be done more than once, allowing the 5 minutes after each reset.

5 Star Gated Resort With 24 Hour Roaming Security.Posted: August 4, 2019
Sale Of The Embassy Suites and Hilton
Read the press release from the RLJ website of the sale of the Embassy and Hilton in the Kingston Plantation Resort…Press Release
Posted: June 7, 2019
South Hampton & Resort Updates
Leslie from the KPMA said they don’t have a delivery date from the mfg as of yet for the pool furniture between the North and South Hampton.  The subject was brought up at the May meeting and the new furniture does include umbrellas.I caught the landscapers, Starwood, and showed them all the weeds mostly between our building and the Embassy that have been there for years and not addressed by the KPMA.  A homeowner mentioned it to me so I passed it on to them.  I asked if they were going to spay the weeds that they couldn’t pull and he said they didn’t plan on it.  But he said they will and I saw the weeds were dying.  It looks much better but they forgot to pull and spray in front of our building by the boardwalk.The trash outside our pool was over flowing to a point that it looked terrible.  The towel box was full of trash and the trash can was over flowing with trash on the ground. I spoke with FOAK and they said they will make sure it is addressed.  Also, the bathroom by the pool was disgusting and lots of water coming out.  I thought maybe the toilet over flowed.  I reported both to FOAK and they addressed both immediately.FOAK is keeping our parking lot clean since the KPMA doesn’t and it looks much better.
Our damaged pool furniture has been replaced and they kept the damaged furniture because the company did not want it back.  There are new pins on order for the umbrellas since they go missing and some are broke. We couldn’t use some of the umbrellas due to missing or broke pins so I asked FOAK to order more.

The sand/dunes fence in front of our building has been addressed.  Some places they stood the fence up and some places they had to add new fencing.  It looks nice.  They did not change the dunes or make them higher as some owners were concerned about that.  So far that is the only fence addressed in the resort that I saw.  When I called about it last May, the county came out and looked at it and they put us on a waiting list.  They said it will be about a year to get to us and they were pretty close on that.

We met with an Embassy employee about the cart problems in our hallways and slamming of the doors that both have been discussed for the past two years at our homeowners meeting in May.  We brought to their attention that the carts in our garage by the dumpsters are always all over the place and they roll when it is windy.  Also, how the employees park in the garage when doing inspections.  According to the Embassy, no golf carts from the Embassy employees should ever be in our garage, they are to park outside.  There was an incident that an owner shared with me where an Embassy cart hit their car and did damage. I have been told that the security camera by the dumpster room and pool bathrooms was not working.  I sent an email to our board and 3 cameras are not in working order.  The broke cameras will be fixes and I asked if all the cameras can be evaluated to make sure we have enough, they are located in the correct places and to make sure they have the right angle on them to cover large areas.

1. Stairwell 2
2. Elevator lobby on main floor
3.Parking garage lobby.
Posted: June 7, 2019
Homeowner’s Using the Hotel Pools
There was a problem with a homeowner and their family using the Hilton pools a couple weeks ago.  They were told that homeowner’s using the hotel pools need wrist bands and we can get the wrist bands from our building manager.  That was not what I was told so I contacted the Embassy and here is their comments along with contact info for a couple hotel employees.  We have always used our white owner’s cards and never had a problem….
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Posted: May 23, 2019
South Carolina 2018 Bill
A homeowner at the May meeting talked about a new bill that was passed in 2018 regarding homeowner’s associations.  You can view the bill at this website,
South Hampton Parking LotPosted: April 5, 2019
South Hampton Parking Lot
The homeowner’s parking lot project has been completed and as you can see by the photo.  It looks great and so does the rest of the sealing in the resort.  This project has really refreshed and upgraded the look of the entire resort.
South Hampton Garage Ceiling ProjectPosted: March 29, 2019
Parking Garage Ceiling Complete
The homeowner’s parking garage ceiling has been completed.  It is now open and we are able to park in there and also access our lockers.  I will be at the beach Saturday and will get pictures of the completed project.  I heard the ceiling and seal coating of our parking lot looks good.  Just another positive change for our building.
Kingston Plantation South HamptonPosted: March 12, 2019
KPMA Seal Coating Project
The resort blacktop seal coating will begin Monday, March 11th. Work will begin on the oceanfront parking lots between North and South Hampton. This is intended to allow for an extra completed area to be available for temporary parking for owners and guests, while the project moves forward throughout the Plantation.

ALL golf carts and vehicles need to be moved out of the way to allow the contractors to access, and seal coat all areas. South Hampton owners and guests can park by the Embassy and lower level in the Brighton garage.

Updated scheduling, and plats graphically depicting the planned process. The chart outlines the specific days, and the areas planned to be seal coated. Green areas seal coated one day, and yellow areas the next.See Chart/Schedule

Craigslist ScamPosted: March 12, 2019
Craigslist Scam
There is another Craigslist scam with the South Hampton as of January 29, 2019.

This happened in 2017 with my unit as well.  People are posing as South Hampton Homeowners on Craigslist and renting our units and collecting money through Craigslist.  They copy our wording and pictures from VRBO/Homeaway or other websites.  My scam, the person collected money via Paypal.  This time, they are asking for a cash deposit to hold the unit.  They rent the units cheap, their ad looks very professional and are US area codes.  I reported mine to the Cyber FBI Unit, Myrtle Beach police and the police in the area code they were from and Paypal.  Paypal jumped on it right away and told me they collected money from 3 different potential renters plus I had 2 that contacted me.  The two thought the price was too good to be true and maybe it could be a scam, one already paid the deposit.

If you need any info on this,
contact me at or call/text 440-668-1515.
Lynn Leonti

Posted: February 11, 2019
Pest Control
Is scheduled for Thursday, February 14th. for the interior of the building. (Happy Valentine’s Day to those nasty pests! The service is included in our HOA fees.


2019 Scheduled Dates

January 10th Exterior
February 14th Interior
March 14th Exterior
April 11th Interior
May 9th Exterior
June 13th Interior
July 11th Exterior
August 8th Interior
September 12th Exterior
October 10th Interior
November 14th Exterior
December 12th Interior

Posted: January 2, 2019
2018 Beach Renourishment Project: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is heading the Myrtle Beach Renourishment Project.  Not sure if the beach in front of the Kingston Plantation is included in the project or not.  On January 1, 2019 the project was in full swing by the Apache Campgrounds moving north and stakes were placed in front of the Margate.  The changes to the beach are quit drastic and looks great.  Here are some websites that has reported on the projects. 

Posted: January 2, 2019
Pool Furniture:  Our new pool chairs, loungers and tables have arrived for the 2019 season. They will be a great addition to the newer umbrellas. All the old pool furniture was either donated or taken to the dump.  The back area and room where the contractors carts are stored in the homeowners garage has been cleaned out and old/broke items were taken to the dump as well.  It looks nice, clean and clutter free.

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