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Myrtle Beach New Year's EvePosted: December 14, 2018

Myrtle Beach New Year’s Eve:  Myrtle Beach is the place to be for New Year’s Eve 2018/2019.  The beach is a great way to make the New Year memorable, fun and unique!  There are adult and family friendly events.  Time to put your feet in the sand and leave the snow behind with these fun places. See Myrtle Beach News.

Posted: December 14, 2018
New Pool Furniture: The board has approved new furniture for our pool located oceanfront by the Embassy.  We will receive 24 loungers, 24 chairs, 6 tables and 12 side tables.  They will be a great addition to the newer umbrellas we received last year and are greatly appreciated.  The old furniture will be donated.
Myrtle Beach Golf Cart Rally Callie Bakers, Spanky's, Flip FlopsPosted: November 14, 2018
Charity Golf Cart Parade:  There will be a local golf cart rally in support of Coats 4 Kids.  The rally parade will leave at noon on December 8, 2018 from Callie Bakers.  Get there early to mingle, judge the golf carts and have a drink or something to eat.  The rally will continue to the beach in front of Ocean Annie’s for pictures then head to Flip Flops and Spanky’s.  Last year there were 35 carts in the rally all decked out, Santa and Mrs Claus were there too with some of their elves.  Decorate your cart as festive or gaudy as you want.  Please donate a new or lightly used coat for kids at Callie Baker’s.  See Callie Baker’s website for phone number and address.  If you don’t own a golf cart, you can rent from Michael at KC Property Management at the resort’s entrance.  843-449-5200
Christmas Kingston Plantation ResortPosted: November 13, 2018
Volunteers Needed
The resort is looking for volunteers to help decorate for the Holiday season.  They will meet in the Laurel Court Meeting Room Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from
9:00am – 3:00pm. You don’t have to work all the hours. 
Contact Leslie Styles 843-848-2916 with the days and times you can work.  There will be hot chocolate, coffee, tea, refreshments and a fun time. Our family comes on December 26th for an Ohio winter getaway and the resort always looks so good and festive, the grandkids love it.  This year I have volunteered to help with the decorating so I’m looking forward to meeting new people and being a part of the festivities. I’ll take pictures for our website, check back for updates.
Posted: November 1, 2018
Don’t forget to set clocks back 1 hour on
November 2, 2018 at 2:00am.

Next board meeting is scheduled for November 16, 2018 at 9:00am in the South Hampton Lobby.  If you plan to attend please notify Dave Puckett.

Lane’s Pest Control will be spraying the exterior of the building on Thursday November, 18, 2018.

myrtle-beach-halloweenPosted: October 30, 2018
Happy Halloween! See what is happening on the Grand Strand for a Myrtle Beach Halloween.  Some owners are taking their pets to Barefoot Landing 5:00-7:00pm.  Stay and have dinner and drinks at LuLu’s.  Great food, atmosphere and views.


Don’t forget to set clocks back 1 hour on
November 2, 2018 at 2:00am.

4ofaKindHoriz smPosted: October 11, 2018
Four of a Kind Services Provided by Litus to Let:


See attached South Hampton maintenance services.
Four of a Kind Services

Posted: October 6, 2018
Tax Reminder:
Just a reminder that South Carolina State and Hospitality taxes, for those who rent, are due. State taxes are due monthly and Hospitality taxes are quarterly for July, August and September.

State taxes
County Hospitality Taxes Form

Posted: October 4, 2018The Landing - Kingston Plantation - spa-33
Kingston Plantation “The Landing”

The Kingston Plantation resort opened their new fitness and spa complex in Summer 2017. The Spa and Fitness Center is a brand-new, multi-million dollar complex featuring a full-service spa, tennis and Pickleball courts, indoor pool and fitness facility. The Landing is open to Kingston Plantation homeowners, guests and members.  You do not need to live or rent in the resort to join The Landing.  Pickleball Rules and Equipment

The Landing - Kingston Plantation Health Club and Spa78Fitness offers golf, outdoor green and state-of-the-art golf simulators.  These is also exercise, cardio and strength-training equipment, personal trainers and classes including yoga, kickboxing and Zumba.

The indoor pool is the perfect place to try out a class, or simply relax after a day at the spa. The pool area has a splashpad area for kids, heated whirlpool, deck with lounge chairs and aquacise classes.

Spa33offers complete salon services with tailored massage options and a full-service spa with a tranquility garden. You can sign up for restorative body treatments and facials.  There are locker rooms with steam rooms and showers.  The Salon offers hair treatments, manicures and pedicures. If you are into relaxing massages, you can book a treatment for Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Swedish and Prenatal. There are four lit tennis and pickleball courts, sand volleyball court and horseshoe pit.

Posted: October 4, 2018
Pest Control
Is scheduled for Thursday, October 11th. for the interior of the building. The service is included in our HOA fees.


2018 Scheduled Dates

January 11th Exterior
February 8th Interior
March 8th Exterior
April 12th Interior
May 10th Exterior
June 14th Interior
July 12th Exterior
August 9th Interior
September 13th Exterior
October 11th Interior
November 8th Exterior
December 13th Interior

Posted: September 8, 2018
Pest Control
Is scheduled for Thursday, September 13th. for the exterior of the building. The service is included in our HOA fees.


2018 Scheduled Dates

January 11th Exterior
February 8th Interior
March 8th Exterior
April 12th Interior
May 10th Exterior
June 14th Interior
July 12th Exterior
August 9th Interior
September 13th Exterior
October 11th Interior
November 8th Exterior
December 13th Interior

Posted: August 26, 2018
When homeowners have questions, comments or concerns, who do we contact?  I asked this question at the August meeting. If we have a question about our building that is in the drip zone, we can contact our board and Chris Millar and Lynn Edmonds from Litus To Let.  If it is a KPMA question, resort grounds, parking lots, KPMA pools and boardwalk, we are to contact our board, Chris Millar from Litus To Let and Leslie Styles from the KPMA.  This way there is no confusion and everyone is on the same page with resolving the questions or concerns.  As homeowners, we need to be involved in our building and resort grounds. Over the past year we have accomplished so much as a team in updating and improving the cleanliness of our building and parking lot.  All these changes can only be positive for our property values.  Emails and phone numbers for our board, Litus To Let and the KPMA are on our POA website or you can click here for their emails.

Posted: August 20,2018
South Hampton Board Meeting
August 17, 2018
In attendance from our board was President Dave Puckett, Vice President Don Matheson, Secretary Susan Leinenweber and Director Bill Long. Chris Millar and Lynn Edmonds from Litus To Let were in attendance with homeowners Tom and Lynn Leonti, Christy and Mike Rudolph and Hank Cigolle.Read More…

Posted: July 31,2018
Sliding Balcony Doors:
I had an inquiry about the balcony door project I took on that the homeowners had installed in 2017 so I thought I’d share the information.

The name of the doors are PGT Winguard 670 & 770 Aluminum, Anodized Finish.  Floors above 5 used the 670 non impact and floors 5 and below used 770 impact.  Floor 5 was in question because of our parking garage.

We used Brady Glass for the project.  With Brady if you are installing over 4 doors, you get the installation free for the 5th door and he gave us a 8% discount for 20+ doors.  We ended up with 21 doors from multiple owners.

My 1st quote from Brady was about $30,000.00 for 5 new doors.  My final price was about $20,000.00.  The difference was the impact of the doors, getting the 5th door installation free and the 8% discount.  If I didn’t look into it and talk with other owners, I would have paid the $30,000.00.

I also received quotes from Carolina Glass and Billy’s Glass.  Billy’s was not familiar with this door and I found out they are not licensed to work on hi rise buildings. They did take down my wall of mirrors and did a good job. Carolina was nice to deal with, very professional, but was the most expensive. You should be there when they are installed and do not pay the final payment until the job is completely done.

See the contractors list page for information on the 3 companies.

Brady’s Contract Terms


Payment is due 30 days from Invoice date. A service charge of 1.5% per month (18.00% per annum) will be added to past due accounts.

Posted: July 30,2018
Board Meeting Coming Up:
The quarterly board meeting is scheduled for Friday, August 17th at 9:00am in the South Hampton lobby meeting room.  The board and management company will be present along with some homeowners.  The board meets with the management company quarterly and is open to any homeowners.  The annual homeowners meeting is help once a year in May.  The minutes from the homeowners meeting in May will be approved at the August meeting.  The new business that was brought up in May by many owners about the cleanliness of our building, communication and new projects, will be discussed at the meeting in August.  If any owner has questions, comments or concerns, you can submit them to Chris and Dave to be discussed at the meeting.
Chris Millar
Dave Puckett 
Posted: July 16, 2018
Smoke Alarms:

Smoke alarms save lives. Smoke alarms that are properly installed and maintained play a vital role in reducing fire deaths and injuries. If there is a fire, smoke spreads fast and you need smoke alarms to give you time to get out.
Here’s what you need to know!

Replace all smoke alarms in your unit every 10 years.
Replace batteries twice a year.
In an emergence keep hallways, stairwells, outdoor walkways clear of traffic.
Test your smoke alarm once a month.
Owners and guests should know where stairs are and don’t use elevators in emergencies.
Have a fire extinguisher in your unit.
Place smoke alarms in bedrooms, near kitchen and hallway.
NFPA – National Fire Protection Association
State by State Smoke Alarm Requirements

What to do at the South Hampton if a smoke alarm/detector is activated:
“When the smoke detector/pull station is activated, the alarm will go off on the floor that activated the system, plus the floor above and below. Occupants on those floors will hear a warning to evacuate the building and a strobe light will flash in their unit. In the event that the whole building is activated, there will be an announcement and strobe flash in all units of a possible true fire. Announcements to evacuate will be heard in the stairwells whether it is for select floors or the entire building.

If there is smoke in your kitchen from cooking, please do not open your front door to air out. This can cause the fire alarm system in the hallway to activate, which will then evacuate the entire floor and two surrounding floors. Opening your balcony door is the best option in this situation.” Article forwarded from Litus To Let, Our management company.

Posted: July 4,2018
Tax Reminder:
Just a reminder that South Carolina State and Hospitality taxes, for those who rent, are due. State taxes are due monthly and Hospitality taxes are quarterly, March, June, September and December.  Need to pay Uncle Sam for all this money we are making. State taxes  County Taxes Form
Kingston-Plantation-Family-Resort-ariel-viewPosted: July 3, 2018
Building Project:
The exterior of our building project is coming soon. ?The painting project is scheduled to begin this fall.  It will include painting of the building, railings and balconies floors.  The board is getting bids for the project that was discussed at the May meeting. See South Hampton Homeowners May 2018 Notes. The building will need to be inspected as part of the bid process. A drone company has been hired to photograph the South Hampton. The process is estimated to take 3 to 4 hours. 
The drone operator is scheduled to be at the South Hampton Monday, July 9th, from noon until 4:00 pm. A rain date is scheduled for July 11th during the same hours.  Notices will be posted in the South Hampton for owners and guests with the dates and times.
Posted: July 1,2018
Lobby Alcove Update:
Stacked Stone has been added to the lobby alcove where the old water fountain was.  It looks so much better.  There has been talk about adding a book shelf but not sure what was decided.  Books will have to be dusted and replaced after someone takes one and does not bring it back. It looks so much better and the old water fountain will not be missed.  Bottled water was added to the vending machine, great idea.
Posted: June 28,2018
South Hampton POA Website:
Homeowners received and email from LitusToLet this past week regarding the resort pools, see article below.  Some owners have stated they don’t receive the emails.  In order to receive emails from LitusToLet about our building, you need to login to the POA Website.  Use your username and password to get into the homeowners only section.  Under “email bulletins”, there is a place that you can subscribe to Board Meeting Notifications, Storm Updates, Bills and Statements, General Mailings and Letters and Notices.  If you do not have a username and password, you will have to click on “request login.” LitusToLet will approve your request and you can view all pages and sign up for email bulletins.  The POA website is owned and managed by LitusToLet, not the homeowners or board. I have verified this from both Doug and Chris Millar.
Kingston Plantation South Hampton Pool With Embassy WalkwayPosted: June 28,2018
Resort Pools: Updated Information
Owners and their family can have their pictures taken for a Residence Card and you can use this card for discounts in the resort.  The card will also get you in the hotel pools, KPMA pools and Splash Park.  All OWNERS can use the hotel pools, KPMA pools and Splash Park whether you rent through the hotel or privately. I have verified this information with Randy DeVaux of the hotel.  Randy also added that the cards are suppose to be renewed every year but has not been enforced.  He will look into this and see what a better solution is to avoid confusion in the future and maybe add a year to the cards so owners know they have to be renewed.

There are two different owner’s cards. A Crown Card is for owners who rent through the hotel program and are entitled to a 15% discount off food, gifts, coffee etc, not alcohol.  There is also a Residence Club Card for owners who rent privately or don’t rent at all and are entitled to 10% off the same items.  

If an owner rents privately, rental company/VRBO/Homeaway, your guests can only use the South Hampton pool and the two pools owned by the KPMA.  The South Hampton pool is located oceanfront between the South Hampton and the Embassy.  One of the KPMA pools is located oceanfront between the North and South Hampton and the other KPMA pool is in St. James villas.  If an owner rents through the hotel, your guests can use the hotel pools, KPMA pools and South Hampton pool.  You and your family can get both cards at 78 Fitness.  You will need ID and they will take your picture to go on the card.  Your family members that you add to your account will do the same.  They will ask if you rent through the hotel or privately or not rent at all and will assign you the correct card.

Kingston Plantation South HamptonPosted June 18, 2018
Who owns The Kingston Plantation Resort?  Read on to see the developing stories from 2002 – 2017.


Article Published: July 23, 2002

Article Published: April 24, 2017

Article Published: April 29, 2017

Article Published: September 9, 2017

About RJL Lodging Trust

5 Star Gated Resort With 24 Hour Roaming Security.Posted: June 18,2018
Kingston Plantation
I came across these older documents that were published as the “Kingston Diplomat, A Newsletter for Kingston Plantation.”  There are four newsletters, two have the year’s date and two have no dates.  They are an interesting read:

Kingston Diplomat Newsletter
Kingston Diplomat Newsletter Special Edition
2009 Kingston Diplomat Newsletter August
2011 Kingston Diplomat Newsletter Winter

Posted: June 12,2018
Pest Control
It was discussed at the May meeting that homeowners wanted the pest control company to mark down when they spray the units with the date it was sprayed.  I contacted Lane’s Pest Control, 843-238-9995, and spoke with Mike, Director of Operations, about it.  He said he will make sure it is done starting this Thursday, 6/14/2018.  Lane’s is hired by Litus To Let for pest control of our building and is paid for in our HOA fees. I had called them once to re-spray my unit because one of my renter’s was allergic to cockroaches and wanted it sprayed before they come.  I contacted Lanes and they came out and sprayed again for me at no extra charge and they were great to deal with.  The service is performed inside the units on the 2nd Thursday of every even month and the outside of the building is sprayed on the 2nd Thursday of every odd month, January is an odd month. This monthly service does not include spraying for bed bugs. Lynn from Litus had told me once that the cost per unit is $1.93.  See the Contractor & Referral List for routine spraying dates.
Posted: June 11,2018
South Hampton Homeowners
Annual Members Meeting
May 8, 2018
Chris Millar, from Litus To Let, called the meeting to order at 10:00am.  In attendance from our board was President Dave Puckett, Vice President Fred Matheson, Secretary Susan Leinenweber and Director Bill Long.  Treasurer John (Bud) Fisher was not in attendance. Chris conducted the opening formalities required for the board meeting. Read More….
Posted: June 11,2018
The owner’s lockers were cleaned second week in May and have been put back in place.  The items that were in the lockers were placed back in the lockers in bags and the locks are inside the bags.  A lot of the old rusty, broke and moldy items were thrown away with the consent of owners and the floor under the lockers are clean now.  Chris from Litus To Let said, the garage is blown two times a week and pressure washed when needed.  Hopefully the locker area will be included in the twice a week cleaning to keep it maintained and not get back in the condition it was. The garage was pressure washed the last week in May.  It is a big improvement to our garage.
Posted: June 11,2018
The lobby renovation has begun as of May 2018.  Stacked stone has replaced one side of the mural wall.  The original mural is still on the back side of the wall.  The leftover stone tile will be added to the cove where the old water fountain used to be.  The water fountain was removed and bottles of water were added to the pop machine.  Some ceiling tiles have been replaced. New rugs, which are really nice, has replaced the old blue starfish rugs. We also have new artwork in the lobby.  The photo shows the SH letters that have been added to the stone wall and they looks great.  The cranes were donated by Stephanie and Gerald Baron that are in front of the stone wall and Stephanie was a big part of the lobby renovation. We also have music playing in the lobby, a nice inexpensive touch as you enter the building. Thanks Patrick for hooking up the sound system.

Posted:June 11,2018
South Hampton Pool
We received more umbrellas for the pool area in September 2017 and the broke chairs have been restrung.  We were down to two umbrellas in August 2017 when our family was there for vacation.  I sent an email to Dave, Chris and Lynn about the umbrellas.  We received 5 or 6 more umbrellas and they look nice.  They were much needed and appreciated.

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