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Posted  April 18, 2022
Flood Insurance
Homeowners dealing with a mortgage and need proof of flood insurance can contact:


Will Hanna (Coast Insurance Group)
11019 Tournament Blvd Suite 202
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

Direct Line 843-652-5599
Office 843-652-5500
Fax 888-285-5599


Posted  April 15, 2022
Pool Code Lock

We now have a pool key code lock for the South Hampton pool located between our building and the Embassy.  We have had numerous complaints for years that owners and renters using our pool are not staying at the South Hampton.  Empress sent the key code information to all homeowners with the code 4/14/2022.  Our pool is for owners, guests and renters of the South Hampton only, not hotel or villas.  There is a button on the inside by the shower to press to exit the pool.  The Embassy has been informed of the issues we are having and are addressing them with their staff.  If someone is trying to get into our pool without a code, please DO NOT open the gate for them.  It is up to the homeowners to get this code to the renters and management company.   Another step in the right direction of improving our building. 

Posted  April 12, 2022
Dog Waste Stations

We now have two dog waste stations at the South Hampton that have been donated.  Thank to all owners who are utilizing them and picking up after their dogs.  There has been a great improvement since installing them.  NO guests or renters are permitted to bring pets into the South Hampton.

Sika #188057 Sikalastic 745 AL Traffic Bearing Wear and Top Coat, Tan, 17.6 Gallon Kit (1) - Sika #188057 Sikalastic 745 AL Waterproofing Top Coat. Two-component, Aliphatic, Chemically cured, Elastomeric polyurethane coating. Tan Color. 17.6 Gallon Kit (4 x 4.4 Gallon Pails). Price/Kit. (Shipping leadtime: 5 business days)Posted  April 11, 2022
Balcony Floors

Our balcony floors have a 735 AL Dark Maple Sikalastic product coating.  Here is the manual18.3 is the cleaning section of the document.

Posted  March 1, 2022
Embassy Renovation

Check out new photos of the Embassy renovation moving along.  The project that includes a beer garden, splash parks, jumbo pool and much more is scheduled to be completed June 1, 2022. 

The entire Embassy is being painted in this project with new and great colors.  There are plans to update the interior of the Embassy also.

Posted  February 28, 2022
Gold Homeowner’s Stickers For Parking Garage

Dear Homeowner, 

South Hampton parking decals have been ordered and are expected to be delivered by the end of the week and ready for distribution to you by the end of the following week. Your new decals are valid for 2022 & 2023. All decals will be recorded for our records and mailed to you. Your 2021 decals will be honored until the new ones are mailed. We appreciate your patience. 

As a reminder, please see the parking decal rules below:

Any vehicle parked under the building must have the South Hampton Homeowners sticker permanently adhered to the lower driver’s side vehicle windshield using the original adhesive provided with the said sticker.  No other method of displaying the sticker is acceptable.  The sticker must be clearly visible at all times. In addition, each unit will be issued two round gold stickers for homeowner only under building parking (to be affixed over or beside the South Hampton sticker). No gold sticker = No parking under the building. Both stickers must be always visible. No additional gold stickers will be issued or be available for purchase. If you trade cars or break a windshield, you may bring in the removed gold sticker for replacement.

Thank you, Stacey Bailey 

Posted  February 21, 2022
New Wood On Boardwalk

The KPMA is replacing many worn out boards on the oceanfront walkway.  This is photo taken from the 11th floor corner unit facing the North Hampton.  Click on photo to enlarge.  They have also been replaced in other section of the boardwalk.

Posted  February 21, 2022
South Hampton Homeowners and Guests:

The South Hampton HOA will be replacing additional cast iron sanitary drain pipes in the owner’s garage on Wednesday February 23rd and Thursday February 24th.

As a result, we will be closing the entire center section of the owner’s garage.  It will be closed starting at 8am on Wednesday and remain closed until the work is complete on Thursday the 24th.  Please be sure to have your cars moved outside of this area.

Additionally, anyone in a units 05/05A or 06 will be asked to refrain from using any drain or toilet in their unit from 8:30am to 4pm on these days.  It is critical that everyone follow this request.  Should the work get completed earlier in the day, you will be notified.

We appreciate your cooperation while these much-needed repairs are completed.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Shawn Amos at 843.457.5471.

Posted  February 7, 2022
Please don’t forget about our DOGIPOT® Waste Station located outside the owners parking garage in the lower-level grassy area facing the Embassy Suites. The DOGIPOT® Waste Station was donated by one of our homeowners!  17 piles were cleaned up in front of the South Hampton away from the waste station on February 5, 2022.  Please use the DOGIPOT® Waste Station or clean up after your pet.  And a reminder, NO GUESTS are allowed to bring pets to the South Hampton and this includes contractors working in units.  Update 2/16/22 We will be getting another waste station for the front of our building.  People are getting out of their cars and stepping in the dog waste and then walking on the sidewalk and into our lobby with it on their shoes.

Posted February 7, 2022
Maintenance Lobby Sign
Four Of A Kind has donated our lobby sign with maintenance contact information. 

Posted January 19, 2022

Please see the attached information from the EOC of Horry County for the upcoming winter weather event we expect in our area beginning on Friday.   We would encourage all owners to take this seriously and begin preparations.  It is our understanding that that the Department of Transportation (DOT) may be short on supplies and equipment and therefore all roads may not get de-iced.  We encourage you to plan accordingly and get things together such as:  flashlights, medicines, chargers for your devices, etc.  Every family should have an emergency plan regardless of living in a single-family home, condo or high-rise. 

Roadways, sidewalks, open corridors and other common areas should be avoided if possible.  We ask that you take this seriously and keep in tune with the developments throughout the next several days through your local authorities and news broadcasts.  Thankfully, we do not have events like this often along the Grand Strand. 

Our office will be closed on Friday, January 21st, to help keep our employees’ safety in mind along with the emergency personnel that are assisting with this event.

Thank you, Empress Management Attachment

How to Create a Preventative Building Maintenance Plan – JoeCleansPosted January 13, 2022
Building Maintenance Updates
The board has been working with Four of a Kind to clean and organize supplies in our building.  With all supplies in one place it will be easy for taking inventory and avoid ordering supplies when not necessary.  See photos here.

See Four of a Kind’s new updated maintenance plan.

Posted January 7, 2022
Four of a Kind
Maintenance Update
Please read our maintenance update from our Board of Directors regarding our maintenance company.  Many changes will take place in 2022.

Posted January 2, 2022
Homeowners New Year’s Day Get Together
Our homeowner’s New Year’s get together was a great time with 25 who attended.  The food was great as always with many different dishes.  The lobby was decorated with Christmas and New Year’s decorations.  We had a toast to friends at the South Hampton and Eddie Smith, who passed away last month.  Eddie came to all the get togethers and always had fun and he much appreciated his new friends at the South Hampton.  See photos of the get together.

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